The funds we loan are from local individuals seeking a return on their investments.

We facilitate the contracts between lender and borrower at an agreed interest rate.

Our structure is specifically designed to ensure that the investment is owned and secured in the lenders ownership, not ours, whilst maintaining lender anonymity.

All investments are secured on local property to a maximum of 75% loan to value.

Interest is paid to the lender on a monthly basis.

Mortgage Calculator

Please use our Mortgage Calculator to estimate your monthly repayments, we work on the following rates:

Under 60% loan to value:
7% per annum

61% – 70% loan to value:
7.5% per annum

71% – 75% loan to value:
8% per annum

Rates are indicative only and actual pricing will depend on the overall risk profile of the loan, please contact us for exact loan pricing and costs.